Workshop: Publication as Process

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Karen Lacroix of Uncanny Editions hosted a workshop at X Marks the Bökship exploring the illustration/ design process archived in Uncanny Magazine 3. The workshop was a platform for experimenting with the medium of publication, reproduction and manipulation as a form of enriching and challenging the illustration process. Inviting illustrators, designers and artists with work […]

Uncanny Magazine no. 3

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The aim of this issue is to document and archive an essentially visual account of ‘publication as process’. The idea of making several publications during the illustration/ design process is a way of creating a platform for critical awareness. Not only does it generate space for discussion with other people, but promotes a big variety […]

English Touring Opera

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Illustration and design of the Autumn 2011 booklet for English Touring Opera. A5, 16pp. Uncanny Magazine no. 3 investigates how publication was used as a process during the design of the illustrations for this booklet. For more information or to buy Uncanny 3, click here.

Publication as Process 2

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The making of publications and the exploration of different printing processes are used in order to inform the process of designing an illustration. Publication forces a confrontation of the imagery collected during the research process and can have an important impact during the process of ‘illustrating’. Control is often lost while using different printing methods […]

Publication as Process

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The publications presented here are the result of an exploration of ‘publication as process’. Uncanny no. 3 will trace these processes used in ongoing illustration commissions. More news soon.