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Piano Circus is a 6-piano ensemble with a particular focus on minimalist music. For its 25th anniversary relaunch concert, Uncanny Editions was commissioned to design a new visual identity that responded to the group and its music.

The design approach sought to explore printing as an illustration process in order to invoke the overlap of the pianos and the sharpness and minimalist dimension of their music. The result in not a static logo but a visual language that is used in print—from RISO to screen print and offset—as well as on a newly-designed website and social media.

Finally, in parallel with the illustrations, a custom-made display typeface was designed by Xesta Studio, to further reinforce the minimalist dimension of Piano Circus’ music, while basing itself on the shape formed by the pianos when the six pianists are performing: an hexagon.

For Piano Circus’ fundraising initiative, a series of works were produced: A4 2-colour RISO print, A2 4-colour offset poster, A2 3-colour screenprint, and a series of hand-made collage and calligraphic paintings in collaboration with Xesta Studio. These fit with the different fundraising tiers and can be bought on the groups’ website. As Piano Circus’ evolves, the visual identity will continue to adapt to it, making use of its extensive visual library of alternative combinations which constitutes a unique visual language.