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Uncanny Magazine is the visual output of Karen Lacroix’s ongoing research on Surrealism and its methods of production. All illustrations are hand-made collages.

Dimensions: 29.5 x 20.5 cm, 20pp.
Numbered edition of 60. Sold Out.

Correct, correct yourself, be corrected, polish, tell off, find fault, never plunge blindly into the subjective treasury purely for the temptation to fling here and there on the sand a handful of frothy seaweed and emeralds; that is the order we have for centuries been forced to comply with in art as in other spheres, by this ill-digested rigour and slavish prudence. It is also the order which historically has been broken in exceptional, fundamental circumstances. It is from there that Surrealism sets out.

Breton, A. (1997) The Automatic Message. (A. Melville, Trans.) London: Atlas Press. (Original  publication 1934). p. 12