Melissa Jordan – Duplicitous

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This publication aims to expose Melissa Jordan’s collages as a central part of her practice. — Duplicitous, by Melissa Jordan Initially cinematic moments, these images are reformed. It is always a moment, unexpected, never a planned portrait. The captured image, akin to the original film stills, suggest a narrative but offers no certainties. Although frozen, […]

Workshop: Publication as Process

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Karen Lacroix of Uncanny Editions hosted a workshop at X Marks the Bökship exploring the illustration/ design process archived in Uncanny Magazine 3. The workshop was a platform for experimenting with the medium of publication, reproduction and manipulation as a form of enriching and challenging the illustration process. Inviting illustrators, designers and artists with work […]

Uncanny Magazine no. 3

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The aim of this issue is to document and archive an essentially visual account of ‘publication as process’. The idea of making several publications during the illustration/ design process is a way of creating a platform for critical awareness. Not only does it generate space for discussion with other people, but promotes a big variety […]

English Touring Opera

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Illustration and design of the Autumn 2011 booklet for English Touring Opera. A5, 16pp. Uncanny Magazine no. 3 investigates how publication was used as a process during the design of the illustrations for this booklet. For more information or to buy Uncanny 3, click here.

Publication as Process 2

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The making of publications and the exploration of different printing processes are used in order to inform the process of designing an illustration. Publication forces a confrontation of the imagery collected during the research process and can have an important impact during the process of ‘illustrating’. Control is often lost while using different printing methods […]

New publications coming soon

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New publications are coming soon, as a result of the research process of ongoing illustration commissions. By exploring publication as a mode of research, a substantial quantity of original editions by Karen Lacroix will be released by Uncanny Editions during the upcoming months. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more news.

Uncanny Magazine 2 Launch & Exhibition

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Uncanny Editions launched the 2nd issue of Uncanny Magazine and hosted a one-day group exhibition on the 20th January 2011. The exhibition included work by Karen Lacroix and guest artists Page Tsou, Therese Vandling & Luke Frost and Tom Owen. The event took place at Four Corners Gallery (Bethnal Green, London, UK).

Uncanny Magazine no. 2

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This issue explores the relationship the Surrealist authors André Breton and Paul Eluard had with religion, particularly with Catholicism. It approaches the subject using the book The Immaculate Conception (1930), questioning the authors’ anti-religious orientation through a new series of handmade collages. Uncanny Magazine is the visual output of Karen Lacroix’s ongoing research on Surrealism. […]

Workshop: Exquisite Corpse

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Series of 3 workshops held at the National Portrait Gallery. The workshops questioned established notions of portraiture using the “Exquisite Corpse” method of production. To book a workshop or request more information, please get in touch with us.

Limited edition prints – Series 1

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Limited Edition of 15 risograph prints by Karen Lacroix, 2 colors, 200 gsm cream paper stock, 29.7 x 42 cm, 2010. Individually signed and numbered by the artist, printed by Ditto Press. Buy here