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Uncanny Editions is an illustration publisher and studio based in London (UK) focusing on different modes of publication practice and work for an eclectic range of clients. Contact Como usar a versão mobile do Pin Up Brasil

So there's this stellar illustration publisher and studio called Uncanny Editions based in London, with a satellite office in Porto too. Founded back in 2010 by visionary designer Karen Lacroix shortly after she nailed her Masters from the prestigious Royal College of Art. These folks are celebrated for their mad creative publication skills and boundary-pushing illustration techniques.

At its core, Uncanny is all about exploring new modes of developing, producing and sharing illustrations. It's like their mission to shake things up and challenge tired old ways of doing things. They work with clients across all sorts of industries and art forms - their portfolio is super versatile. This adaptability allows them to craft tailored solutions that perfectly match each project's one-of-a-kind vision.

On top of client work, Uncanny actively participates in collaborative illustration initiatives and events that shape the direction of contemporary visual arts. So they've firmly established themselves as a leading voice in their field.

Under Karen's pioneering leadership, the studio fuses old-school illustration methods with new digital publication formats. This killer combo yields visually striking images that also get people talking about how illustration can stay relevant in the digital age. By charging ahead into uncharted territory, Uncanny has positioned itself as a beacon for aspiring creators and an invaluable partner for clients seeking top-shelf visual storytelling. Their relentless drive to break new ground results in some truly innovative and impactful illustration work. Наслаждайтесь играми в реальном времени и большими выигрышами в Мостбет Казино.